The Magnificat

I’ve recently returned from the Lambeth Conference and I found it a powerful experience in many ways, not least the impact of being with clergy from around the globe.  I don’t think I’d ever really appreciated what being part of a world Church meant before.  And there were many rich conversations.  One evening I was … Continue reading The Magnificat


A Response to the ‘Church of the Poor’ Conference

A Response to the Church of the Poor Conference 2nd & 3rd November 2017, Manchester I’ve just returned from an inspiring gathering of 35 individuals, organisations, research bodies and Churches drawn together by CAoP in Manchester and described as some of the key influencers on poverty and the Church nationally. The event was convened with … Continue reading A Response to the ‘Church of the Poor’ Conference

(Un)conscious Bias

Yesterday Renewal and Reform, the current beacon of hope we have for the realisation of a Church that is more relevant and representative, published an essay by Revd Dr Sharon Prentis regarding the appointment of a Bishop for the BAME community. ( This essay and associated report spoke of the Church’s tendency to ‘unconscious bias…the … Continue reading (Un)conscious Bias